Hello visitors

As you can see this blog is currently a little bare, but will soon be flooded with hopefully interesting things to read.

I am a writer/journalist. Mainly I write about concepts in art, or observations about people and the world.

Sometimes it appears that the world is laid out like a map hinting at hidden truths; a puzzle that ends in some magical conclusion about an aspect of mankind. Other times it seems like it’s a load of meaningless bollocks and the human desire to attach meaning onto everything is a by-product of evolution, with the only purpose of distracting us for our 67.2 years on earth (world average estimated 2010), now that the majority of us don’t have to build shelter and hunt for food.

…Either way, I’m happy to oblige my mental urges and share my views. I am very happy for you to reply and do the same; the more view points the better.

So, hopefully you’ll bear with me whilst I trawl through my hard drive and begin by posting some of my past published and unpublished articles. (Not sure how long this will take.)

Happy to be a part of the online community.

All the best,


p.s. Incase I get lost in my hard drive here’s a poll to keep you entertained


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