I am endlessly fascinated by communication, which has led me in a few directions, as an artist and journalist. When it comes to my artwork, I’m interested in breaking down our methods and mediums of communication and looking at their capacity to hold meaning. If you want to think about it romantically, that’s how a thought/idea/thing is transferred from one mind to the next, however indirect that process may be. However, I’m much more interested in the idiosyncrasies and distortion each method provides, and the long chain of associations the information has to pass through in order to somehow resemble the original idea. Or sometimes I just like to take the beauty of the system itself.

As all methods of communication require interpretation, no single method is a perfect translation. I find this a beautiful thing, allowing for multiple perspectives and rich diversity of thought. Not only can we interpret a person’s intended communication, we can also read our surroundings in a way that provides insights in philosophy, sociology and history to name a few. For instance the way that that our priorities in Britain have changed through time from religion to consumerism, can be read in the evolution of town planning; where once a town centred around the church, you are now more likely to find a high street full of shops or a shopping mall.

As a journalist I write about the things I have gleaned from the world around me and also about the arts, which I believe are rooted in the similar interpretations of things. Recently I have also worked promoting the arts through video and social media, as they are my passion and I think other people probably would like to hear about them too!

As an avid communicator, I love to talk, so feel free to get in touch!

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